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The amazing power of dietary fiber to reverse and prevent hemorrhoids (piles) is real. It's nature's gentle way of reversing hemorrhoid symptoms and preventing hemorrhoids all together. Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins located around the anal cavity or in the lower rectum. When too much pressure builds up in the veins that exist in this delicate area of the body swelling happens that results in painful lumps forming in or around the anus.<br> <br> The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are a white-hot itch, throbbing pain that stings like hell and bleeding after passing a stool or when wiping with toilet paper. The amazing power of dietary fiber to reverse and prevent hemorrhoids works by eliminating chronic constipation. Chronic constipation or even mild constipation causes us to strain when passing bowel movements. The stressing and straining to pass stool puts too much pressure on the veins located in and around the anus, thus causing painful hemorrhoids.<br> <br> Health experts support that the amazing power of dietary fiber to reverse and prevent hemorrhoids is wonderful for overall digestive and colon health. Lack of dietary fiber is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids developing. Hemorrhoids are painful and extremely nasty to deal with for any length of time.<br> <br> I was a former hemorrhoid patient that had a painful fight with a severe case of hemorrhoids twice in my life. My doctor told me chronic constipation and lack of dietary fiber resulted in hemorrhoids. My digestive track and colon were working too hard when it was time to pass stool. Like many people that have any kind of health issue, after the problem is cured, then you tell yourself you're going to start eating right and exercising.<br> <br> My plan of action after recovering hemorrhoid surgery was to eat healthy, add plenty of fiber to my diet and exercise. I made a list of fiber rich foods I would consume daily. I also had a modified workout plan in place. It had to be modified since I previously had surgery on my tailbone after a bad fall in the kitchen.<br> <br> My healthy living plan lasted about a week before I stopped exercising and was back to eating junk food for lunch and dinner. The nutritional value I was getting from these meals was a joke and the amount of daily fiber my body's digestive and colon health needed was close to zero. My chronic constipation returned and I developed hemorrhoids for hemorroides - a second time. I was miserable. My hemorrhoid doctor was patient, kind and a realist. Chances were I would not be eating a healthy fiber rich diet. My hemorrhoid doctor knew it and I knew it. There was no reason to kid ourselves about me most likely leaving the office to grab something to eat at KFC. My hemorrhoid doctor strongly suggested I meet my dietary fiber needs using fiber supplements. She informed me there were many different kinds available that would meet my daily fiber requirements to stay regular.<br> <br> I was impressed at the incredible variety of healthy fiber supplements available. Before I came down with hemorrhoids twice I honestly thought only senior citizens needed to worry about taking a fiber supplement. I was badly mistaken on the importance of dietary fiber for people of all ages. The amazing power of dietary fiber to reverse and prevent hemorrhoids worked great for me. Taking a daily fiber supplement is easy and affordable. I thought they would be too expensive or hard to swallow.<br> <br> Fiber supplements come in easy to swallow pills and powders. I noticed after a couple of weeks of taking the necessary amount of dietary needed to stay regular how vibrant I felt. My bowel movements were easy without any stress or straining. Put the amazing power of dietary fiber to reverse and prevent hemorrhoids on your side. Adding enough fiber to your diet will make you feel better inside and out. It's a simple to help prevent many illness caused by poor digestive and colon health.
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